A visit of September

I think you all know the song called CRY FOR U … But there is not a lot of people that know that the lead singer called September, is half slovenian and her real name is Petra , just like me 🙂  (Her ful name: Petra Eos Marklund).

DSC_9230 copy

She started recording music in studios at the age of 12. When she was 17, she sang in a rock band and gained a record deal.

DSC_9223 copy

In the UK the song stands as the biggest selling number five hit of 2008.

In the United States, September released one of her biggest hits to date “Satellites” in late 2006 where it had achieved a moderate success, reaching the number 8 position on the Hot Dance Airplay chart.

DSC_9208 copy

Cry for You” was released to US radio stations on the June 5, 2006, and peaked at number one on the Hot Dance Airplay where it stayed for a total of three weeks. Also it started to be picked up on top 40 radio in cities such as Chicago, Denver and New York, in the summer of 2008 after its massive success in the UK.

DSC_9309 copy DSC_9269 copy

On the issue date of August 30, 2008 the song debuted at number ninety-four on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 after spending 8 weeks on the Bubbling Under chart. The next week it moved to number ninety-two. In its third week it moved eight places to number eighty-four. The song made its highest peak on the Hot 100 at number seventy-four, and on the Pop 100 at number twenty-nine. It spent a total of 10 weeks on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. “Cry for You” also made it onto other popular countdowns in the U.S. after its re-release in 2008; entering at number thirty-nine on American Top 40, and number twenty on the TRL Weekend Countdown radio show.

DSC_9201 copy

She came for a visit to the local radio, Radio Antena, Rok and Ota made an interviev with her. If you want to listen the interviev, klick HERE.


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  1. mmmm huda je :)))

  2. zelo simpatična 🙂

  3. luškana, ja. k vse Švedinje …

    eh, sorry, Slovenke … 😉

  4. ha ha ha 😀

  5. […] zvezda Ritma mladosti je bila švedska pevka, ki ima korenine v Sloveniji. To ni nihče drug kot pevka September ali Petra Eos Marklund, na katero so vsi čakali. Letošnji dogodek je bil zelo odmeven med mladimi, saj so hiti pevke […]

  6. Posted by marcelo on marec 16, 2010 at 2:17 pop

    hermos,y canta muy bien

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