Swan Lake on ice @ Hala Tivoli 23.1.2009

St. Petersburg State Ballet on Ice performed as part of its grand world tour in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the city of St. Petersburg – Swan Lake on Ice. Its attractive production of the famous ballet Swan Lake features the former European figure skating champion Olga Ivanova and the Olympian Andrey Stroganov.




The performers have won over 200 competition medals. Some of the skating moves used in the show have never been seen in the world before – not even at the recent Winter Olympics. Most of the daring moves performed in the show would normally be performed in an arena, of approximately 60m x 60m. The stage the performers skate on in the theatre is only 15m x 15m. The performers rehearsed 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 8 weeks to pull the show together.



The St. Petersburg State Ballet on Ice was founded in 1967. Most of the members of its present ensemble are figure ice skating medal winners at national and international competitions. Under the mentorship of the choreographer Konstantin Rasadin they have been combining the athletic elements of figure ice skating with elements of classical Russian ballet.


Video of Swan Lake on ice …


Although Swan Lake is now revered as a masterpiece of classical ballet, it did not have a promising start…

The legend of the Swan-Maiden goes back centuries in both eastern and western cultures, and women who turn into birds and vice versa were popular themes, with the swan being particularly favoured due to its grace. Tchaikovsky originally wrote his own version of Swan Lake with his brother Modeste and the composer Migorsky, in which there were two swan maidens characterised in black and white, and performed as separate roles.


Very little is known about this original production of Swan Lake – there are no notes, techniques or instructions concerning the ballet written down; all that remains are personal recollections and memoirs that were written a long time afterwards and therefore the subject of much debate.


Since then the ballet of Swan Lake has been the subject of numerous revisions and restagings, so that by the mid 1940s it was widely recognised as the paradigm for ballet. Swan Lake danced to Tchaikovsky’s score was one of the major artistic exports of Russia, with such great names as Anna Pavlova and Rudolf Nureyev leaving their mark on this enduring masterpiece.



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  1. to si pa dejansko potegnila z naftalina, madonca, kje je že to. 🙂

    luškane fotke, črnobela se mi zdi, da kr paše. 🙂

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