When I was in Turkey, I saw these two children playing around… And when the boy got his corn, he sat down and tried to eat it. And then the girl came. I think she was his sister. She stepped up to him, looked in his eyes and quietly with no word asked him for some corn. But he just looked at her and said nothing and still continued eating corn. And every single drop of corn that fell down on his trousers from his mouth or hands she took and put in her mouth. Interesting? Funny?



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  1. Posted by Polona on avgust 27, 2008 at 10:38 pop

    They were so nice!!! But poor litlle girl..he didn’t want to give her anything..anything at all…But she was just quiet and look at him with her pretty dark eyes.

    Petrca, love the picture!!! I noticed the small face of a women at right corner- her face is so calm- like it.

  2. oh yes, I haven`t noticed it… I think that was their mother…
    thanks for compliments 😉

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