Fun at the metro station

Me and Polona (my new travel buddy ;)) went to the metro station to get on the other side of Istanbul. I would never tought that I will have so much fun somewhere underground. We don`t have metro in Slovenija so everything was quite new to me. Well, I have seen it in London, but here was something else. Like I haven`t seen it before. Those steps and tunels, how many of them… and the tunels are so long you can get lost…


If you wait a little and just stop for a second at the station… you can see that everything can stop, everything but the lifes of the others… In the mirror you can see people running around and going somewhere, they are in a hurry, but not you… your life is on hold for few seconds, minutes…


And how funny are the moving staircase… People rather go on moving one instead of just walking… no! they will be faster if they don`t walk… ha ha ha 😀 So Polona went on the moving staircase and I didn`t. ok, she was faster… for a second!!!  And then we stopped again beside the mirrors ofcourse and we had a little fun. Well at least I did. Cause I had a camera in my hand 😉 and Polona didn`t… yeah I know you remember girl, it was really fun.


Especially when Polona was making fun of herself and was making crazy faces at the mirror. Ofcourse everybody who passed by saw us and gave us really wird look. Polona, do you remmember? And you were blushing!!! ha ha ha     And I couldn`t give Polona all the fun, so I stepped infront of the mirror too and took a pics of us….


And you know what? When we took the last pic we almost run out of the tunels to somewhere we couldn`t be seen 🙂 Maybe we run to Starbucks for a coffee… Polona, do you remember?


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  1. Posted by Polona on avgust 9, 2008 at 2:35 pop

    :))) Joj, Petra, great time, so true!!!! 🙂 And Starbucks coffee- missing it all the time.:)
    and great photos, oufcourse- our especially:)

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