No happy childhood, just work

workkids_by_Petra_Nuzdorfer-1Life has few phases… and each phease define one part of our lifes which is special just because we are in that particular moment in that phase.

When you are old, others take care of you and you are known for your wisdom and knowledge. When you are in middle age you  work and take care of your children and make sure that they are ok. When you are a teenager or in your 20`s you explore your limits and search the world.

And when you are a child… oh yes… this is a time of happiness and joy!!! You don`t have to think about anything else then where are you gonna play and who you are gonna play with… that`s all you should think about…

But somewhere in this world, not far away from us, there are children that work for the whole day just to earn some money for their families. They dont know the real meaning of beeing a child…

When I was in Diyarbakir (East Turkey) I saw so many children. One porer than the other. But not all of them were outside running and playing with the others… It`s hard when you see a small child sitting on the small shair with so big hammer in his hand that he can hardly  hold it and is working so hard just to earn few cents for his family. They didn`t mind us beeing there, watching them working, taking pictures of their work, they didn`t even move their head and looked at us, cause this would mean more work for all the the lost minutes…

workkids_by_Petra_Nuzdorfer-2 workkids_by_Petra_Nuzdorfer-5

And this is very hard work for so small children… But there this is legal and they can work as much as they can. Even if that means working in a home ironworks or repearing cars. This boy was repearing very old car (I don`t think it was working at all) and was so dirty over his face thet you could only see dark brown eyes shining out and he had such beautiful smile (as you can see)… He was lovely…

workkids_by_Petra_Nuzdorfer-4I don`t rememeber knowing anybody that would work as they were kids… never… and that is why this is so hard to believe for me… When I was a little I had no woories, no problems, I wasn`t thinking what I`m gonna do the next day… All that I wanted to know was where were my toys, my friends, when are we going to the playground, if I`m gonna win or lose in some silly game… this were my worries. And they are not the same as those childrens. And I`m sad for it… Some of them will never taste the sweetness of beeing a child, just bitterness and sorrow…

But not every child worked in such a terrible conditions… Some of them were working on the streets and selling 1001 thing. Almost everything you could find in your home… anything that sells…

When we were walking down the streets I captured a rougish look of a young boy who was selling watermelons… He had his vagon full of fruit directly on the street… I have never seen that someone would have a vagon or a booth on the  street. I`m used that booths are on the sidewalk or on the arranged places. But not on the steet! But this is how they have it there. Ok. We stepped over to him and bought few melons for us and for hungry kids that was following us for the whole day long.


And as you walk trouhg the city you can see children with strange hats… This is what we touhgt at the first sight. When we came closer we saw they have plates with food on their heads. They were seeling round bread (I have tried it and it was very good), funny little roolings with vegetable and meat inside… They were so in to it that they didn`t need their hands to hold the plates on their heads… If I would walk with this plate ful of goodies on my head  like I usually do the plate would not subsist on my head more than 1 second…

You can buy this everytime of the day from dawn to sunset and every time it tastes like it`s fresh from the backery. And it`s not expensive, not at all… If you ever see kids selling this bread, buy it! You won`t be sorry! Believe me… 😉

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  1. Hey, Yeah I have really been noticing this around Istanbul recently. The number of children just walking up and down in the traffic is scary. Carrying bottles of water which I am pretty certain they would kill to have a drink of.

    I’m not very good at guessing young peoples ages but I saw a girl who had to be under 10 years old, in one arm a basket filled with bottles of water and in the other, I am assuming, was her baby brother.

    I will make sure to buy some bread next time I see someone. 🙂

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