Book of life?

Every person, community, village, city, state, coutry… each nationality… they all have one common thing. Each of them have thier own religion, something they believe in… There are Christians, Muslims, Orthodoxs, Budists… and some of us are Atheists. But I think that all of us want to believe in something, in “someone”… don`t know why but this is just the way it is…


I`m more familiar with the Bible book… well, I have seen it 😉 In Turkey they have Koran. There are mostly Muslims and the words are spreading that they are really realigious. Well one day I saw bounch (let say more than 100) of women and children infront of city mosque in Diyarbakir and I was wondering why are all just sitting there. Were they waiting for something? Later they explaind to me that they were waiting for their husbands who were inside the moaque cause it was prayer time. And I remember I saw women with books, then I realised they were reading Koran. But… How can they read calligraphy with which is Koran written? well, this is another funny thing… They do read it, but they don`t understand what they are reading about. Someone told them this is a book of life and that is why they are reading it every single day… How can it be your “book of life” if you don`t know what you are reading about? That`s why I reather read novels… I mostly know what I`m reading about… 😉


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  1. Posted by Polona on julij 30, 2008 at 2:12 pop

    Mostly? 😉 I couldn’t agree more. 🙂
    Still, it was also suprising for me to realise, that they don’t actually know what Koran is saying…there are some interpretations which were taken as the “Holy truth”… But as you said, we all need something to believe in. Some in Bible, the other in Koran, and some people in their self.

    And oufcourse- nice photo Petrca !!! 🙂

  2. Its a matter of faith. We can never see some things but we have to believe.

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