Children of Diyarbakir @ Turkey, July 2008

This post is for all participants of the US Diyarbakir 2008… Read, rememeber, enjoy…

girl_by_Petra_Nuzdorfer-1My first post about Turkey I`m gonna dedicate to the ones I love the most: the children.

Everyone who knows me know that my life would be empty and dark without smile, laughter and inocence of children that surround me. I can never resist to look at them, give a smile back and even take a pic of their lovely faces. What impresses me the most are those two little eyes that stares at you like you are the most important person in that moment and this is what lifts me up every time…

But the eyes of kids in Diyarbakir were different… When you looked at them you could see joy, cheerfulness, carefreeness,… but if you really looked, deep in the eyes… you could see sadness and darkness…How come? They are so small… It`s not jet their time to be worried… they should be playing and having fun with no worries on their mind…



When I walk on the streets of Ljubljana or almost any other place in Slovenija, I see parents holding hands with their children and carring then on their shoulders… They are always so carefull and worried for their little ones. What if something happenes to them? What if they mess their new clothes? What if they fall? What if they get lost in the crowd? What if… ? What if…? So many questions and so many worries…


This summer I went with AEGEE Organization to Diyarbakir Summer University in the east of Turkey. The city is small, interesting, very religious, full of dust of the nearby “desert”… Me and my group often took a walk around the City walls of Diyarbakir. Everytime we went there a hudge crowd of children came to us and they were saying: What`s your name? Money money money… photo photo photo… I think this were the only phrases they knew and they were constantly repeating it.


At first we really liked the attention they gave us. So we tried to answer them and took some pics of them, but after a couple of hours (yes, hours) when we walked to the other side of the city we realised they are still there. They were following us from the start.

diyarbakir_by__Petra_Nuzdorfer-64Some of my friends didn`t even matter, but for me this was scary and outrageous. Where were the parents for all this time? Why were those kids alone? Is there nobody taking care of them? What if something happenes to them?

I started to think like every European parent… but later in few days of my horror I realised that those children are from very poor families and they are left to their`s own for the whole day, every day. Partents don`t take care of them as they should. And on my surprise, nobody even cares!

Well, it was very interesting… when we were taking pics of them most children were not faking and were just like they really were, but some of them, mostly older ones, wanted to be on the pics so they were pushing little brothers and sisters away from us… and when I finally got a shoot they just walked up tome and said: Money money! They wanted some money for the pic I made! I couldn`t believe my ears… And even when I walked away with my group they run after us and screamed: Money money! It was so funny…

One day we were taking pics of the city walls and we climbed on the stairs of the walls… and I couldn`t believe my own eyes… Kids were climbing directly on the walls, holding just with their bare hands. Do you wanna know why? They wanted to be on the pictures… But i still don`t get it why… They will never see this pics… Maybe that when we see them on the pics we would remember them?

diyarbakir_by__Petra_Nuzdorfer-73 diyarbakir_by__Petra_Nuzdorfer-74

Oh yes, this little boy… He was just standing there and watching us from the distance. I look at him and stept up to him. He didn`t even move or change his face. He was looking at me with this sad face and wanted to tell me something. Unfortinetly I couldn`t understand him… And this girl! I guess she had a cold cause she sniffled all the time and she had a big snot (snivel) hanging out of her nose.


Well most of the kids didn`t know what to do so they were running after us and trying to get on the photo or just sitting at the door step of their home. What a life…

I hope they know I will always remember them cause they made my days in Diyarbakir happier and made me more powerful… They made my day, always…

I would really appreciate comments on the post, from the participants and also from others… It`s just a feedback to my work… Thanks a lot! New posts soon…


10 komentarjev

  1. super reportaža.. bogi otroci.. sploh si ne znam predstavljat, da bi bil kdaj v njihovi koži.. lahko smo srečni za to malo kaj imamo.. oni še tega nimajo :S

  2. Posted by Zac on julij 28, 2008 at 12:58 pop

    Hey! English! lol

    A very moving post on the situation there. A sad but true.
    Guess you have seen a different kind of life at another part of the world.

    Nice journalistic post and natural photos.
    Well done. 🙂

  3. Its really a sad fact to these children. Its the same in my surrounding countries here in South East Asia. Millions living below the poverty line while the richer gets richer.

    Your photos tell a lot. It will be a constant reminder of how fortunate we and our children are.

    Thanks for capturing them.

  4. Posted by Lela on julij 28, 2008 at 2:01 pop

    Your photos are beautiful.

    For me is interesting how children are not shy and how they begg for money – they are so young and they already have to worry about money and survival. That’s so sad.

    Realy good pisture and post – you know how to photograph and write.

  5. Posted by miki miska on julij 28, 2008 at 9:28 pop

    Nice article about childred and difference between countries. I hope that some teenage will read it and aprriciate their parents a little bit more…
    Photos are really nice, but the most i like that little boy with ball and the girl who is sittin on a street ligth, i suppose 😳 🙂 .
    And you are right, kids makes better day, just with a little smile and light in their eyes 🙂 .

  6. Posted by bachy on julij 29, 2008 at 8:19 pop

    touchy pics!keep going girl;)

  7. Posted by Polona on julij 30, 2008 at 2:22 pop

    Ok, I have read this post many times in these two past days…I wanted to write, to say so many things, but I just didn’t know how to put my minds, feeeling about these children into words…
    I know that everybody who were in Diyarbakir with us, will never forget this faces. I still know when and where did you take this pictures- well for most of them:) And I remember children following us and how we were suprised because of the absence of their parents. It is really hard life for them. We can be so grateful that we have caring parents, happy childhood, somebody who is completely afraid if we don’t come home on time, somebody who is pushing us on and on, giving us love and attention which we all need as children. And your pictures will always be a reminder for me, how grateful I can be to live the life I do. Great pictures, I think you allready know my opinion on them, since we have watched them together so many times. Especially the second one…poor girl! and so cute!

    Looking forward to the next post…:):)

  8. You have wonderful pictures! I am telling this as a citizen of Diyarbakır!!

  9. Posted by cay on julij 27, 2009 at 8:02 pop

    Hi !

    You made some great pictures!
    And youre right these kids have a hard life…
    Im starting a project to help at least some of all these children,
    with help from people in Holland.
    We rase money to buy school -supplies ,and help the kids who cant even
    go to school because their parents are to poor..We also hope to open a shelter for
    kids who live on the streets as well..!

    good luck! 😉

  10. Posted by fuckengland on september 7, 2009 at 10:33 pop

    see us like we did the people of the world 4 / 3 have received all nude and living in diyarbakır people are türk kürt pkk deyil that you let us yorkta new street so that people lie to see how many million people in the streets Do not forget kafanizin Type in a corner before you pressed the soil türk may be so again in the [img] [/ img] Ne Mutlu Turkum Diyene!

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